Mar 24,2008

World Partnership Walk
Aga Khan Foundation Canada

Aga Khan Foundation Canada is pleased to announce that The World Partnership Walk campaign will be launched on Friday, March 7, 2008.

There are four ways to get involved:

1. Become a corporate supporter. If you are already a corporate supporter, reach out to 5 of your associates.

2. Collect donations in a book or on-line. If you are already an Ambassador for the Walk, find 5 new Ambassadors to register and raise funds at

3. Form a team. If you are Team Captain, add 5 new members to your team.

4. Discuss the Walk. Tell 5 friends, colleagues or classmates about the Walk and encourage them to come out on Walk Day on May 25, 2008 (June 1, 2008 in Ottawa and London).

You can pick obtain a fundraising booklet in Jamatkhana between March 7th and March 31st.

Books can also be ordered on-line, throughout the campaign, at

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Mar 24,2008

Historic Cities Program (HCP)
As part of the Golden Jubilee commemoration, the Aga Khan Trust for Culture (AKTC) presents an international exhibition, featuring acclaimed projects of the Historic Cities Program featuring the Al-Azhar Park in Cairo, restoration of the Gardens of the first Mughal Emperor, Babur, in Kabul, Afghanistan and projects in India, Mali and Syria. 
The exhibition will be displayed in Toronto daily from 9am to 9pm – April 16 to 19 (Metro Hall) and April 20 to 25 (Ontario Science Centre).  Each shift will be approximately 3.5hrs.
If you are interested in volunteering as a Tour Ambassador, please contact the Community Relations Portfolio at 416-751-5325 ext. 786 or send an email to

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Mar 20,2008

20.03.2008 09:29

Author: Bahrom Mannonov

DUSHANBE, March 20, Asia-Plus  — The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) has teamed with the Government of Tajikistan and the Government of Afghanistan in organizing Tajik-Afghan cross-border concerts to celebrate the Navrouz holiday.  Concerts are being held today in Khorog, the main town of the Gorno-Badakhshan Autonomous Region (Gorno Badakhshan or GBAO) and in neighboring Afghanistan’s Badakhshan province.

Today, singers and musicians from Tajikistan will be crossing the border at the site of the Friendship Bridge in Khorog and performing traditional songs and dances for audiences on the other side of the Panj River.  Tomorrow, Afghan performers will hold a traditional concert program in Khorog.

Ms. Sitora Shokamolova. Communications Officer, AKDN Tajikistan, noted that a group of more than 20 musicians including Umar Timurov and Faizali Hasanov, national singers of Tajikistan, and the local Badakhshani Ensemble headed by Sohiba Davlatova will perform in the open-air area near the Teacher’s Training College in the village of Bashor, Afghanistan.  Afghan performers will join Navrouz celebrations in Khorog and perform their traditional program in an open-air area in the Shosh-Khorog neighborhood.

Despite a common linguistic and cultural heritage between inhabitants of the Tajikistan and Afghanistan, social and economic connections between them have been minimal for the past seventy years.  The Cross-Border Concert is an experience and culture sharing initiative intended to foster regional cooperation. Better understanding amongst the peoples of neighboring countries is seen as a cornerstone of future stability throughout Central Asia.  Cultural relations are regarded as a way of building confidence and trust that can in turn lead to wider cross-border cooperation on alleviating poverty and promoting economic growth.

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) is a group of private, non-denominational development agencies working to empower communities and individuals to improve living conditions and opportunities, especially in sub-Saharan Africa, Central and South Asia, and the Middle East.  The Network’s nine development agencies focus on social, cultural and economic development for all citizens, regardless of gender, origin or religion.  The AKDN’s underlying ethic is compassion for the vulnerable in society. Its annual budget for philanthropic activity is in excess of US$ 300 million.

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