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The 51st Imamat Day of Prince Karim Aga Khan, the spiritual leader and 49th hereditary Hazir Imam of Ismaili Shia Muslims, is being celebrated today around the world by his followers, including those here in Pakistan. The Prince Karim Aga Khan ascended to the throne of Imamat on July 11, 1957, replacing his grand father Sultan Muhammed Shah.

The day traditionally begins with prayers in Jamat Khanas for the prosperity and uplift of Muslims in particular and humanity in general, followed by programmes ranging from shedding light on the achievements, both spiritual and temporal, of the Ismaili Muslaims under the leadership of their Hazir Imam.

In one of his recent Farameens (sermons), Price Karim Aga Khan has emphasised upon the Ismailies in particular and Muslim in general to reposition theology with respect to the normal forces of human society to help develop the understanding that Muslims too live in the real world and have to contend with the same issues of life – poverty, hunger, tragedy and civil conflict – as being faced by other communities in the world.

“It is a very prestigious day for us. The second Imam in a row that has crossed fifty years. It’s a big thing in Jamat Khana tomorrow; everyone’s geared up for the day,” said one follower.


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