The Queen is hosting a dinner for the Aga Khan

The Queen is hosting a dinner party in honour of billionaire racehorse owner the Aga Khan.

Senior members of the Royal Family will attend the Buckingham Palace dinner on Monday for the long-term friend of the Queen.

The Queen, 82, and the Aga Khan, 71, are both ardent fans of horse racing and in the past they have watched the sport together at Royal Ascot.

The Aga Khan was the owner of Shergar, the Derby-winning racehorse who was kidnapped from his Irish stud farm in 1983 and never seen again.

He is also the Imam of the world’s 15 million Shia Ismaili Muslims and a direct descendant of the Prophet Muhammad.

Last year he celebrated the 50th anniversary of his succession to the title held by his grandfather.

The Aga Khan is coming to the end of a seven-day visit to the UK held to mark the milestone.

In 2005 he became one of six people given the Andrew Carnegie Medal of Philanthropy for his efforts improving living conditions in the developed world.

His Aga Khan Development Network is a group of agencies working in health, education, culture and rural and economic development, in 30 countries in sub-Saharan Africa, south and central Asia, and the Middle East.


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