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This time round it was in the much anticipated Kenya Open and Relays Swimming Championships which were held on the 30th, 31st May and 1st June.

The team was well represented by seasoned swimmers who had sacrificed their mid-term break to represent their school in the prestigious and highly rated event in the KSF (Kenya Swimming Federation) calendar.

The girls’ team consisted of Soraya Walli, Dzame Muruu, Mildred Okello, Ester Okello, Dzidze Muruu, Qaisara Kassam, Aika Patel and Raveena Mehta led by Rachita Shah and Anham Salyani while the boys’ team consisted of Akshay Shah, Lawrence Williams, Antony Odede, Bhavik Mehta, Aditya Devani, Allan Nondi, Joshua Williams, Raj Hirani, Shivraj Vaghella, Alex Chia, Jesal Chandi and Samuel Williams.All led by Neeraj chandi and Jason Rose.

Most of the swimmers won gold, silver and bronze in their respective individual events and also clinched medals in the relay events.

The team managed to scoop around 50 medals in both relays and individual events.

Anham Salyani was awarded the victors trophy for being the swimmer with the most points in the girls overall standings while Rachita Shah was awarded the first runner’s up victrix trophy. All in all, the girls’ team was declared the Overall Best Girls Team 2008. And finally the Aga Khan Academy Mombasa was declared the 2008 Best Overall School in Kenya.

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