LONDON: UK government Minister for Climate Change held as an example a clean energy project from Pakistan as showcase of sustainable energy utility after the project won one of the world’s most prestigious green energy awards here.

Princess Zahra Aga Khan accepted the Ashden Sustainable Energy Award on behalf of the Aga Khan Planning and Building Service (AKPBS) at a VIP ceremony here at the Royal Geographical Society.

Greg Barker MP praised the work of AKPBS in Pakistan for working with “vulnerable people”. He told The News there is a lot that can be learnt from the relatively simple but “innovative ways” used by the organisations to change the lives of the local people. He said the local and simple techniques were being helpful in switching to a sustainable lifestyle.

He said the UK government was “keen to support such initiatives. He said the politicians internationally have yet to come together to find solutions of energy and climate change yet the local NGOs, whether in Pakistan or elsewhere, were taking a lead in bringing people together, encouraging local communities to be part of the solution. “They are empowering people and not waiting for the solutions to be given to them to help form resource-sufficient and prosperous economies.”

Princess Zahra Aga Khan told The News that they were working to help lift thousands of families out of the vicious cycle of poverty through simple and efficient use of simple technology in high mountain areas.

She explained that the organization has nearly 70 products in building and construction programme, from smoke-free stove to, making insulated walls and water production locally as well teaching communities on the use of the new technologies. The princess said the team in Pakistan had done a fantastic work to deserve this award.

Sarah Butler-Sloss, founder Director of the Ashden Awards and chair of the judging panel told that the initiatives of AKPBS are exemplary because “they are bringing enterprise and solutions of environment, energy and poverty in a vulnerable and important part of Pakistan.

We are delighted by the work they do as they show it is possible to improve the lives of thousands of families and successfully tackle the major challenges of deforestation and climate change.

They are inspiring and their techniques are replicable”. The Aga Khan Planning and Building Service in Pakistan (AKPBS) was awarded £20,000 for helping families in remote mountain villages save energy and enjoy warmer and more comfortable homes by installing a range of energy-efficient products.


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