Coastweek – – Members of His Highness Prince Aga Khan
Shia Imami Ismaili Council for Mombasa paid a courtesy
call on His Worship the Mayor, Ahmed Abubakar Mohdhar,
on Monday 10th March 2008. Seen standing [from left] is
Hafiz Mangalji, Rafik Jivraj, Zubeida Dadani, Karim Dawood,
Sahenila Kurji, Zaher Bhanji, His Worship the Mayor. Seated
is President of the Aga Khan Council, Mombasa Narmin Somji.


Coastweek – – H.H. Aga Khan Shia Ismaili Council of Mombasa has been asked by Municipal Council of Mombasa to help in employing graduates from teaching institutions in the town and other areas of Coast.

The appeal was made by the Municipal’s Education Officer (MEO), Mr. Francis Tsuma who said employing of extra teachers would help ease the burden of understaffing in several schools especially in Kongowea, Freretown, Concordia and Maweni areas.

“Employment of more teachers will help the council address the students to teacher’s ratio per class,” said Mr. Tsuma who added that some schools had up to 160 students per class, a number too high for a teacher to handle.

Fifty students are required per class.

Mr. Tsuma was speaking at the Mayor’s parlour during a courtesy call on Mombasa Mayor, Councillor Ahmed Mohdhar by the Aga Khan Shia Ismaili Council members.

The MEO lauded the Ismaili community for their effort of upgrading education standards in Mombasa through efforts to start an early grade reading project.

The project, which is earmarked, to start within the next three months is meant to sensitize teachers to lay strong foundations on reading and number work on nursery school students.

Members of the Aga Khan Council promised to keep up their beautification efforts of the town and if permitted undertake the lighting of the Jomo Kenyatta Avenue in Mombasa as a joint venture with the Municipal Council.

The Aga Khan Council’s President, Ms. Narmin Somji requested the council to speed up efforts of bringing down campaign posters as “they brought back sad memories and were an eyesore in their torn status,” she said.

Coastweek – – Mombasa Mayor Ahmed Abubakar
Mohdhar is seen with Aga Khan Council Mombasa
President Narmin Somji when Members of His High-
ness Prince Aga Khan Shia Imami Ismaili Council for
Mombasa paid the Mayor a mid-week courtesy call.

Ms. Somji also informed His Worship that His Highness the Aga Khan’s Golden Jubilee has been extended to December 2008 and was looking forward to maximum support from the Municipal Council.

As a concerned resident, the community’s Honorary Secretary Zaher Bhanji, noted the disfunctioning of traffic lights at the Kengeleni junction to which the Deputy Mayor, Cllr. John Mcharo promised to look into personally.

Mayor Mohdhar promised to cooperate with the Ismaili community in making Mombasa one of the best towns in the country.

“It is the duty of all of us to work together and make Mombasa a clean city,” he said.

Other members of the Aga Khan Council present were Mrs. Sahenila Kurji, Mr. Karim Dawood, Mr. Rafiq Jivraj, Mr. Hafiz Mangalji and Mrs. Zubeda Dadani.


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