A unique Ismaili Business Conference is to be held in Houston, Texas on Saturday February 16th and Sunday February 17th, 2008. All Ismaili business owners, professionals, and those interested in joining the dynamic and exciting business world are encouraged to attend this event.  This conference will encompass a wide range of topics including important keynote sessions, sessions on traditional businesses such as convenience stores and fast food restaurants to real estate investments, hotel management, and sessions on emerging businesses. There will also be parallel sessions on financing, marketing and how to get the next generation engaged in family business.

The objectives of this conference are to introduce to the participants:

Methods of improving and enhancing the performance and value of their businesses by means of technology, professionalism, diversification and other innovative strategies.
To introduce to the attendees the spectrum of opportunities in the business world; in both traditional and emerging businesses.
Provide an exceptional opportunity for networking with other Ismaili entrepreneurs and professionals.

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