The matters of Money are perpetually in one way or another, on each and every one of our minds. Investing for the future, saving for our children’s education, and wishing we could miraculously escape the clutches of debt are concerns that unite us all.

If dealing with all of these wasn’t enough of a challenge, we have a turbulent economic environment to contend with. How do we invest our money and manage our debt in tough economic times like these?

The Economic Planning Board for Ontario is pleased to offer a Financial Forum on “Surviving and Thriving in Tough Economic Times”, a unique forum featuring a keynote industrial expert speaker, as well as supplementary discussions on Credit Management, RRSPs, Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) and other investment and saving vehicles. Targeted towards young couples, professionals, individuals starting to invest and jamati members new to the country.

The day will begin with a keynote address, followed by a breakout sessions on the following topics. Attendees will have an option to attend one or all of the breakout sessions.

For more information and registration, please click here.

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