Mar 3,2017

The Aga Khan foundation has trained over 1,000 headteachers of nursery and primary schools from Lindi and Mtwara regions through its project that seeks to improve education in the East Africa Regions (AKU-IED, EA).

The free training that involved headteachers from Kilwa, Lindi, Nachingwea and Newala districts had benefited from various training of teaching techniques including how to prepare the relevant subjects.

The AKU-IED,EA Project Manager, Mr Ronald Kimambo said the project is well known as ‘the project of consolidation of professional and supporting education systems in improving learning outcomes’. This was revealed on Friday during the fourth graduation ceremony since the establishment of the project.

“This is a five year project that sponsored by the government of the Canada and the Aga Khan foundation … and it’s expected to complete at the end of this year,” Kimambo briefed during the occasion held in Kilwa District.

According to him, since the establishment of the project has helped bring positive change among teachers and pupils, as well as strengthen government’s efforts in improving the education sector. “We hope these teachers will serve as a springboard for their fellow teachers through knowledge sharing,” he said.

The main project facilitator, Dr Abdallah Mohamed, said the teachers were taught two courses: Leadership and administration and training, monitoring and assessment of students. He said the courses were taught for six months and provided for three phases, theory, practical and the third is the teachers to meet with trainers to present feedback.

At the same occasion, Planning Officer in the Kilwa District, Mr Francis Kaunda has urged the graduates to use the training for building good understanding capacity to the pupils in their schools. “This is the great opportunity to you guys, use it well and we are so dependent on you to share the skills with the teachers who did not benefit from this project,” said Kaunda.

The Acting Director of Training for the Ministry of Education, Science, Technology and Vocational Training, Basiliana Mrimi urged the graduates to actively use the training in improving education by solving teaching challenges in their areas.

One of the graduates, Alfa Milanzi, a headteacher at Madangwa Primary School said the training had helped him get positive change, and that he hopes to perform better in his career than before. “Through these training course I have well understood how to prepare different subject concepts better than before,” he said.


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Oct 30,2014

Model-turned-princess Kendra Spears is expecting her first child. Spears and her husband Prince Rahim Aga Khan, who she married last year (13), have confirmed they are to become first-time parents. A statement posted on reads, “Prince Rahim and Princess Salwa are expecting their first child. Around the world, Ismailis are gathering… to celebrate the happy news.” Spears became known as Princess Salwa Aga Khan following her marriage.

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Aug 22,2014





My little brother Zakria (known to his friends as “Zack”) has been missing since July 17th 2014. He left for a trip to Turkey on July 13th. He contacted us several times during the first couple of days to let us know of his whereabouts. However, since July 17th we have no more news of him. His last known place of stay was in the city of Konya / Turkey. We have sent him several messages and he has not replied to any of them. He is the type of person to always give us news which is why we are so concerned. Our family has tried everything and we ask that if you have had any contact with him prior to his departure or during his visit in Turkey to please contact me or my sister Barine Habibi Nazir or brother Mustafa directly via e-mail, or send us a private message. Please help my family get through this difficult time by sharing this post on your wall and leave it open to the public to see, and ask your friends to share this as well.

Full name: Sayed Zakria Habibi (See attached pictures)
Born: August 22nd 1988
Height: 5’8
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black

You can contact us directly by e-mail or by Facebook :
Barine Habibi: or
Navin Habibi :
Mustafa Habibi:

Kind regards,
The Habibi Family

Mon petit frère Zakria (mieux connu sous le surnom «Zack » par ses amis) est porté disparu depuis le 17 Juillet 2014. Il est parti pour un voyage en Turquie le 13 Juillet, depuis son arrivée nous avons échangés plusieurs messages entre nous. Par contre, depuis le 17 Juillet nous n’avons reçu aucune nouvelle de lui. Le dernier endroit ou il se trouvait lors de son dernier message était dans la ville de Konya / Turquie. Nous avons continué à lui envoyer plusieurs messages, mais nous n’avons toujours pas eu de réponses. Il n’a pas l’habitude d’agir ainsi, et c’est la raison pourquoi nous sommes si inquiets. Notre famille à tenté de son mieux pour le retrouver, et nous demandons l’aide de nos familles, amis et public afin de pouvoir le retrouver. Si vous avez eu quel que contact que ce soit avec lui avant son départ ou durant son voyage, nous vous prions de nous contacter moi ou ma sœur ou mon frère dans nos courriels respectifs mentionnés au bas de ce message. S.V.P. aidez notre famille à traverser cette période difficile en partageant ce message sur votre mur et demander à vos amis et connaissances de faire de même afin de nous permettre de rejoindre le plus de gens possible.

Nom complet : Sayed Zakria Habibi (Voir photos jointes avec ce message)
Né le : 22 août 1988
Taille : 5’8
Yeux : Noirs
Cheveux : Noirs

Vous pouvez nous contacter directement par courriel ou nous envoyer un message sur Facebook :
Barine Habibi: ou
Navin Habibi : ou
Mustafa Habibi:

La Famille Habibi


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